Protecting Your Vehicle When Parked In The Garage Or In The Open

There are many things that can damage a vehicle when it is parked in the open or inside the garage. These include rain, snow, dust, bird’s droppings, and scratches from animals and people. The exterior of a vehicle requires protection from the elements in order to maintain its quality and resale value for years. One great way of protecting the exterior of your vehicle from damage is by investing in a cover. These products are numerous in the market today and they are suitable for all vehicle models and designs. They include covering for trucks, pickups, SUVs, vans, ATVs, limousines and salon cars among others. They have been thoroughly tested for design, functionality, durability, and dependability.

They are usually made from breathable, high quality and durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain. These materials are usually weatherproof, waterproof and storm-proof and are therefore ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Some of the materials used include Noah, sunbrella, tan flannel, poly cotton, evolution technalon and weathershield. Dustop, tan flannel and stormweave materials are also used. There are a number of designs to choose from depending on your preference and budget. You could for instance go for a custom fit cover made specifically to fit your vehicle. Alternatively, you may choose a ready-fit cover that has a universal fitting. Disposable and roll-up covers are also available.

The manufacturers of these products ensure that they remain securely in place by installing various features. These features include tie down straps to keep them securely in place. They also have lock kits to prevent sliding off especially on windy days. Bungee cords and cable locks are also fitted to ensure that they are not easily stolen. The benefits of investing in such a product are numerous. Firstly, it is a simple, low priced method of protecting your vehicle when parked inside the garage or in an open place. It prevents extra friction and abrasion thus protecting the vehicle from damage and scratches. It also shields the vehicle from harmful chemicals and dust and this prevents rusting and spread of germs. It can also guard against damaging effects of precipitation and direct sunlight.

If you would like to maintain the shine of your cars and keep them looking and feeling new for years to come, it would be advisable to invest in dustop car covers. These products are available in all types of designs, sizes, prices, and colors. Some manufacturers offer incredible warranties as a guarantee of the quality of their products.

Car Covers for Classic Cars – Why You Need Them

Why should you get a car cover for your classic car? I get asked this question all the time and to tell you the truth it confuses me. People that have classic cars should always have a cover. Most of the time I get this question it is from people that don’t see the value of spending money. That doesn’t make sense at all to me as your car is an expensive investment that I would think you would want to keep protected.

These are the same people that will spend a lot of money on their car so it doesn’t make sense. Protecting your car should be the highest priority. Just because you keep your car in the garage is no a reason to not buy a cover. You can still get dents, scratches, and swirls from falling objects that are sure to damage the glossy exterior finish of your car. No one wants that to happen. It usually happens the day before you are going to a car show. A few specifications that you must keep in mind while buying a quality car cover are as follows:

A cover should be resistant to mold and mildew so that they inhibit bacterial growth that can otherwise damage the car’s exteriors. Good covers can tolerate temperatures up to 200 degree Fahrenheit as they are usually made from polymer fabrics. Buy a cover from noted manufactures who guarantee performance of their covers in the most severe external conditions. You can expect such covers to last between 7-10 years. Really good covers actually prevent paint-damaging moisture from getting trapped underneath them as they are made up of breathable and waterproof materials. A good cover cover will not blow away when the winds are blowing really strong. Quality car covers are always more expensive and you can grab some attractive deals online while shopping for them. You have the option of choosing from ready made or custom-made car covers that are both high on quality and protective function. So if you care for your car a bit more then do not hesitate from spending a few extra dollars for a quality car cover! A quality car cover will go miles in helping you save on those huge recurrent bills on frequent paint jobs than the cheap car covers.

Proud Owner Of A Bentley And A Car Cover

It is very easy to buy a car cover nowadays. When searching online there are literally hundreds of sites that sell covers. There are also many, many different types of covers for every climate and storage condition. It is easy search for the cover that is ideal for you, at the price that suits you. You will find, as I did, that they are not nearly as expensive as everyone thinks, and they do a much better job than everyone thinks.

As a result of covering my Bentley with a car cover, I am no longer concerned about how the rain will affect my car. Until now, I was worried that the acid in the rain would eat away the glorious paintwork, and it would all peel and be patchy. I was worried about watermarks being left on the exterior, and the bodywork rusting. However, my cover is totally waterproof and hence, rain, sleet, snow all run off the sides. Nothing enters and my Bentley remains bone dry, and in perfect condition. The material of the cover is breathable so that air and moisture are let out, away from the car. This gives my Bentley a chance to breathe and sweat whilst covered, without getting steamed up and rotting.

With a cover, the sun isn’t a problem either. The sun is extremely powerful and has the potential to ruin both the interior and exterior of any car. The internal workings of a car are at risk of getting ruined when the car is left standing in the heat. The car also gets unbearably hot and stuffy and impossible to drive in. The ultra-violet rays from the sun melt the finish of the car, and bleach the paintwork. What remains is a car that is dull, drab looking with no colour to speak of. I definitely did not want this happening to my Bentley. Well, it doesn’t, because my cover is ultra-violet resistant and will stop the rays from filtering through! An added bonus that I get by having a cover is that my Bentley is shielded from nicks and dings that so often occur even when the car stationary. This can happen in the form of flying debris in the wind, or too many people brushing past the car. Either way, now that my Bentley is covered with a car cover, the impact is absorbed without an impression having to be left on the car itself.

Naturally, when a car is covered, it doesn’t get stained by birds droppings, tree sap and dust. This are local nuisances that come in any climate, and everyone hates them. Thankfully, I am not troubled by them any more, and my Bentley can stay spotlessly clean. I found that a car cover was a really worthwhile investment, as suddenly, I didn’t have the need to constantly send my car in for a wash. These $5 add up! I also saved myself from having to polish and re-wax my car. All these expenses were suddenly cut down on and I have ended up saving more money than the car cover cost.

One of the car covers, made by Covercraft, is exceptionally good as an all weather cover. The Noah cover is known to be the best at making sure that no matter what the weather is outside, the car will not feel a thing. When the cover is rolled off for the car to be used, there will be no indication on the car itself as to what the weather conditions have been. Noah is a three layered cover made from bi-component fibres. The inner most layer is a tough nylon core, that together with polypropylene, is woven together, and is soft on the actual car, making sure the exterior is not scratched. The outer layer is made up of polypropylene that is soft, and still ultra violet resistant. Sandwiched between the two, is a layer of micro-porous film, so that the cover is breathable. It is very important for a car cover to be breathable so that the car has a chance to breathe and sweat whilst covered. Breathable covers mean that air and moisture are allowed out through the fabric of the cover, and away from the car. Simultaneously, the cover will prevent the air and moisture from entering, and damaging the car. The three-layered technique of Noah, makes the cover extremely waterproof. There is no way that any sort of liquid can work it’s way in, on to the car and ruin it. The cover is also protected from the sun and its harmful ultra violet rays.

As the cover is composed of three layers, it is sturdy enough to prevent the car from getting knocked about. The cover will be able to absorb the shock and impact of knocks and bangs, without an impression being made on the car. Three layers also means that the cover is more resistant to rips and tears, as well as seam leakages. This makes Noah a very durable, and long lasting cover, which is why it is so very popular. Noah is still considered a compact cover. When not in use, the Noah car cover can be folded up rather neatly and even be tucked away in the corner of the trunk of the car. This enables the car owner to bring it along with him on his travels, so that wherever he is, he can always pop on his car cover, and his car will be able to remain safe. For the owner’s convenience, the cover is has elastic at the front and rear of the cover so that it is easy for him to put it on and take off. The Noah covers will resist the growth of mildew and rot, so that the cover can be folded away whilst still damp, and there is no need to wait hours until it is bone dry.

When looking to car covers, whether for wholesale, or private purposes, a big thing to look into is the size. Generally speaking, car covers come in three sizes; universal, semi custom and custom. Although the difference in protection is not determined by the size, but rather the fabric of the actual cover, it will make a difference in the level of protection. Universal covers are the most basic type of covers that there are. It is a cover that will fit any car no matter how big or small it is. For some, this may prove to be a big advantage as the cover need not be updated, every time a new car is purchased. In addition, it can be shared between family and friends, regardless of what car they own.

For those who are more fashion conscious though, the universe may not be good enough. As a universal cover comes in only one size, it will never fit any car perfectly. It will either be a bit big, or a bit small, and will make the car look rather shapeless. There may be excess material flapping about in the wind if the car is a small one, alternatively, there may be parts of the car peeking out, due to misfit. However, the universal cover, is by far the cheapest type of cover simply because it can be mass produced. As it is not made with any specific car in mind, the cover has fewer seams, and therefore less work, hence the low cost.

Going up slightly in price, as well as fit, are the semi-custom covers. These are made to fit a group of cars that are of similar shape and size. The cover is therefore of a better fit, without being quite an exact fit. Naturally, this looks much better than the universal cover, as well as provides better protection. There is no chance on anything to be left uncovered, and thereby unprotected like there is with the universal. Semi-custom car covers are a popular choice as they provide very good protection and are not to expensive. People tend to find that they are quite reasonably priced, and without having to pay too much, their car will still look good even whilst covered.

Custom covers are considered the elite and upper-class car covers. Each cover is custom made for the customer and his car. The owner will have a chance to personalize his car cover by choosing the color and style, as well as having the option of selecting a logo to have on the bonnet. This gives the cover an added touch of class. Since the cover is made specifically for the car, it will fit it exactly without leaving any gaps, or having any excess material. The overall look is very chic and classy. Custom car covers are a statement within themselves. As the cover fits perfectly, it is able to provide the highest form of protection possible. There is no chance of any sort of thing to creep in and make it’s way on to the car.

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